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The other day I wore a pair of my favorite overalls to a friends house. Usually I'd never wear overalls while I'm living in my hometown, to many chances of running into people from high school that I have always avoided at all costs. But I wore them anyways and my friend told me I looked like a 5 year old and I said "I don't care."
This outfit is about wearing whatever you like and feel comfortable in no matter where you are or what people say. I put two of my favorite trends together, overalls that I acid washed myself, and socks with sandals. And if I can say so myself I think I look fabulous.


Embrace the Awkwardness - Overalls Styling

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I have a slight obsession with Palazzo pants, loose wide legged pants, or basically pants that look like skirts until you realize they are pants.  I'm not sure why but when I grab a pair in a store I always think I'm picking up a skirt and as soon as I realize they are pants I just fall in love and immediately have to buy them. I think its the fact that its such a slight difference from a maxi skirt and you're not expecting it, so it automatically makes them unique and adorable. And gives you instant "outfit cred." They go perfect with a crop top or really any kinda of top. I paired these ones with an off the shoulder top some simple gold jewelry and my favorite red lip pencil, MAC cosmetics "Cranberry" from the Sharon Osbourne collection.


Pants that look like a Skirt

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