Tank and Leggings Adidas | Shoes Converse | Jacket Vintage

Being that it is now officially Fall but the weather is still getting to be 80 degrees I think that this obnoxious floral set (from my favv Adidas Originals) is still very appropriate and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of this weather to share it with you. Yes people gave me looks but I love this set oh so much. Matching pieces are definitely one of my favorite things this past summer and I see them carrying onto fall and winter so I'm sure I will pick one up more appropriate for wintertime.
 And a big shout out to Jillian for taking some amazing pics for me the other day !!!!


Between Seasons (ft. Obnoxious Pattern)

Dress ASOS | Shoes Converse | Sunglasses Urban Outfitters | Ring Good After Nine

My favorite time of the season has come, Fashion Week. For running around taking photos at Lincoln Center and various other locations I decided to keep it simple with a dress (that is actually a top but who cares?). I'm loving the all white trend, I think it is my favorite thing this year, and now I have my all white leather converse to really kick it off. 
The past couple days have been killer, and everyone around me looked fabulous, I got to take photos of some of my favorite people in the industry. More will be posted soon so look forward to that! and now that my exhausting weekend is over, it's time to catch up on all the new collections.

Sidenote: Sunglasses
Being in NYC I have learned that sunglasses are key to every outfit, EVERYONE wears sunglasses, whether its because of the bright sun, or so you don't see you staring, or even to block the debris from flying into your eyes, I don't really know. But I have come to accept that it's a lot less awkward walking the streets with all these people around you when you have sunglasses on. I have always HATED sunglasses, I would rather suffer squinting from the sun than wear a pair but now that I feel I need then soo I've gone to urban outfitters to pick up a few inexpensive pairs, and these ones featured are by far my favorite. 

(Photos by Ashley Laderer of Fashion Unicorn)


What I Wore - NYFW


NYFW street style

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