One of the simplest questions "What's your favorite color?" I never have an answer until now. This color has been everywhere advertising campaigns, clothing, instagram. This pale pink, a little different from a baby pink, but not quite sure what to call it pink? I've been aware of it but now I'm in love. After visiting Sicily this summer all the colors were so inspiring and included this pink, tans and yellows, earth tone pinks, and that was the tipping point for myself and Millennial Pink. 

"Remember when pink was déclassé? Pink used to be Malibu Barbie and Bubble Yum and all the bright plastic items that many of us in this particular group were steered away from as kids. And that specific shade of pink is not the one that’s resurfaced. Instead it’s ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness. It’s a non-color that doesn’t commit, whose semi-ugliness is proof of its sophistication." -Veronique Hyland, NY Mag

Included in this post are a few of my favorite new products. I finally decided to try out some Glossier and they definitely live up to the hype. My favorite is the Stretch Concealer and the Boy Brow. I've been looking for a brow gel that holds up throughout the day for a long time, and I've finally found it, most days I don't even feel the need to fill in my brows along with the gel. The stretch concealer has medium coverage and you don't even feel it on your skin, I use a beauty blender with it on my cheek bones and it gives a nice dewy look, I don't even need a highlighter. 

Top | H&M  
Boots | Saint Laurent


They've been calling it “Millennial Pink”

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