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Lately I've been shooting more of other people than myself causing my blog to lack in personal style a bit. So therefore I'm gonna start mixing it up. These are some photos from during a shoot I did for my friend Ashley ( (also photo credits to her) we had some spare time in our Breather space and I decided why not get some shots of my outfit too. 
Lately with school starting and my schedule becoming more and more hectic I have been trying to narrow my closet to only pieces that are simple and easy to always make a great outfit that is my usual style. I've decided there is no point in hoarding millions of old T-shirts that make me look like a slob and then ignore all my other clothes.  



Day 5 of New York Fashion Week outside Tommy Hilfiger trend watching and photographing. Everyone arriving to the show was in head to toe Tommy. From vintage tees and denim to classic Tommy Hilfiger red white and blue. It was refreshing from the big colorful furs and coats and layers from previous days this fashion week. Here we had lots of coats and blazers, nice sharp, strong silhouettes. 

Below I captured some of my favorite looks bloggers and models arriving to the show. (credits under their photo)

(All photos taken by me,


@carolinevreeland & @peaceloveshea






Outside Tommy Hilfiger - NYFW

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