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Its getting colder and colder everyday and you are gonna see a lot more "Sweater Weather" instagram captions. 
I really love the look of a baggy sweater over something fitted. Its a lot more cozy and casual than the tradition shirt tucked into the tight mini skirt look. And it is perfect for this weather. 


Unfortunately the only title fitting for this post is "Sweater Weather"....

Denim has always been a necessity in American fashion and now also in everyones closet. Denim is probably one of my favorite things to wear (clearly it is in my Blog Title). Distressed denim has probably been a thing for as long as I can remember. Starting middle school and my parents could never understand why all the girls jeans had rips in them. I am just attracted to the look personally I don't think I could explain why, its casual and relaxing, just looks comfortable and it is comfortable.
These UNIF "Twerk Jeans" are currently my favorite pair of jeans, if you follow me on instagram you have already seen them plastered all over. Bloggers and celebs have been seen wearing them too, like Hailey Baldwin. I think heres a good way and a bad way to do distressed denim and these jeans are by far the best. They aren't symmetrical and I think they are ripped just enough with a fun rip just under the bum in the back and they are super loose and boyfriend fitting.

Top Brandy Melville | Jeans UNIF | Boots TOPSHOP | Sunglasses/Bag Urban Outfitters | Necklace Stinnys


Distressed Denim: UNIF

Back in the same week with another post!! unusual for me, right? well now that I'm all settled back in at school and in the city I have a pretty set schedule so look forward to more posts!

Today's post is a bit different, I have 2 looks for you using one of my favorite pieces in my closet at the moment, its a striped T shirt dress from Brandy Melville. It is so soft and so versatile, and I will usually end up wearing it way more than once in the same week (don't judge haha)
First look is super simple I just accessorized with a bunch of mismatched rings, I always use a chunky statement ring with a bunch of simple ones. Mine is my Dads class ring but you can find lots of cool rings that are old and chunky at thrift stores. And I wore my favorite pair of converse because well... I love converse with everything. 
Second look you can wear out but still anywhere else because its not too much, I added a leather jacket and a pair of heeled booties.

Dress Brandy Melville | Rings Vintage/My Dad | Sneakers Converse
(Below Jacket Burberry | Boots Zara)

(Photos by Jillian Bothwell)


The T-Shirt Dress: Everyday and Edgy

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