T-Shirt - Forever 21

Booties - TOPSHOP

This shoot was quite the adventure, 18 stories high on the best rooftop I've ever been on. This look includes one of my favorite pieces and newest trend; the jumpsuit and the cropped leg. I have to admit in the past month I've boughten more cropped pants than I need and its gonna be worth the cold ankles in the winter. 
This navy Cord jumpsuit by ASOS WHITE is absolutely amazing. First off, the ASOS WHITE collection carries a ton of jumpsuits which I'm in love with them all. If you know me you know I favor anything that is one piece and comfortable. I decided to pair this piece with a mustard yellow tee to play with the navy and the heeled booties show of the cropped leg perfectly. 



Jacket Pants Boots TOPSHOP  |  Shirt @Ltrainvintage

Since I worked at Topshop for just about a year I have realized how my wardrobe has been in Topshop overload ever since. Here is a quick look I would wear on a daily basis. Printed button ups have definitely been a key essential to my wardrobe no matter what season.


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