Jacket Target  |  Shirt The Met  |  Jeans UO  |  Shoes Steve Madden

I love casual outfits, just a tee shirt and jeans, but you can always make it more eye catching with a fitted jacket or blazer. Of course this one featured is plaid (my favorite). And its fun to play around with different graphic tees rather than plain tee shirts, like this one i got from the Punk Exhibition at The Met over the summer. I think this look goes well with my new purple hair with i just love so much. I definitely recommend trying a new bold color in your hair, especially when its just the ends because then who cares if you mess up! It's fun to experiment :)

Photographed by me



Sweater and Overalls Forever 21  |  Sneakers Converse

This outfit is dedicated to those awkward fall days where its just not cold enough for a thick sweater and a jacket. Right now I am really loving boxy short sleeved sweaters, they are simple but unique especially when they are quilted or textured. Also Forever 21 is always the place for good deals and I can definitely say they have been improving their selection more and more, especially this season, I got both this sweater and the overalls from there.

Photographed by me


Warm Autumn Day

Top Urban Outfitters  |  Pants Zara  |  Shoes Topshop  |  Jacket Macy's

My two favorite trends at the moment have got to be plaid and leather, and the best thing about it is that they go so well together and I just cant get enough. I highly recommend to break away from the usual plaid flannel and get a pair of plaid bottoms or a blazer. 
Also featured in this post are Chelsea boots from Topshop. Chelsea boots are a new essential item for me because they go with everything and will take any simple outfit to the next level. 

Photographed by me


Fall Favorites

Beanie Etsy  |  Vest Forever 21  |  Sweater Zara  |  Overalls Zara  |  Shoes Dr Martens

Since the weather has been getting colder I've been hesitating trying to style my short overalls for the cool weather. But I think the best way to style any summer piece for fall/winter is with tights and a sweater and then accessorize with whatever you want. For this outfit i chose a beanie (5SOS of course) and a leather vest for a grungier look. And I think it goes well with the new style pictures I tried as well. Now I will definitely be wearing my overalls this winter!


Tights are key

Here is my cousin showing off two stylish ways to be simple and comfortable. Beanies are definitely a hot trend for fall and winter. And can easily be paired with almost any outfit. Here she gave off a more grungy look with leggings and patterns, also a denim or flannel around the waist.


Easy Beanie

Jumpsuit Topshop  |  Shoes Topshop  |  Purse Forever 21

Tonight my cousin and I went for a nice dinner downtown and just enjoyed the nigh time skyline. I used this as an excuse to dress up a bit and wear my new Topshop Aftershocks (shoes) which I paired with an all black jumpsuit. I am definitely going to be adding more jumpsuits to my wardrobe this Fall because they are an easy go to piece that will always look good. 

Photographed by me


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