Cape ZARA - Top Target - Jeans H&M - Beanie ASOS - Sneakers Nike

After this past fashion week there has been some trends that caught my eye and I need to try out. Most importantly Capes and Nikes. After seeing Chiara in her red Louis Vuitton cape I fell in love with the look and found this black one at ZARA on sale!
Also being in New York and constantly seeing people walking around in their work clothes or going back and forth to school, throwing on a pair of Nike Free Runs with any ankle grazer jeans I think is just a perfect look.

Photographed by Quinton Mulvey


New Favorites

Coat Topshop - Sweater Thrifted - Dress Zara - Boots Topshop - Purse Forever 21

I think it is safe to assume that everyone is sick of winter as well as me. So I decided to bring some florals into this layering. Maybe spring will hear me calling. 

If you watch American Horror Story you will know so many people have been inspired (including me) by the styling of this past season Coven. But I still seem to be stuck on season one's character Violet Harmon. Her style has influenced a lot of my outfits lately, with lots of chunky layers, sweaters and cardigans over midi length dresses. And i find that style perfect for this time of the year and especially when Spring hits. 
You can see some of Violet's style here

Photographed by Quinton Mulvey 


Fighting Winter

Photos taken by me

Camille Charrière (x)

I love all gray almost as much as I love all black and Camille has done it perfectly.

Tamara Kalinic (x)

I have to admit pink is a color i usually shy away from but the little accent on her Celine Nano really adds to the look, I'm gonna have to try it out.

Charlotte Bridgeman (x)

I respect anyone wearing all white in the winter and those pants are amazing, I think its time to trade in a pair of my skinny jeans for some flares



All photos taken by me

Today was my first time heading over to Lincoln Center to take some pictures of people during this seasons New York Fashion Week. 
Chiara Ferragni, blogger of The Blonde Salad, looked incredible. She was wearing a cape by Louis Vuitton. Red and black have always been my go to colors and I love how she paired the cape with black long sleeves covering her hands. Her accessories and little black Prada bag made this look stunning. Definitely one of my favorite outfits I saw today, and I will definitely be looking back to this in the future for inspiration.

When I saw Danielle Bernstein, blogger of WeWoreWhat, arrive at Lincoln Center today my jaw dropped. Her outfit was stunning as always, but being in the presence of my favorite blogger and my #1 inspiration for starting my blog was a dream come true. I love every one of her outfits down to the tiniest details. Today her simple top and cut jeans under her striped coat in my opinion was perfect. She pulls of the socks and heels trend so well, definitely something I love, as well as the collection of necklaces she was wearing.


StreetSpiration - Danielle Bernstein & Chiara Ferragni (NYFW 2014 day 2)

Jacket Obey - Top Target - Overalls Forever 21 - 
Purse Kate Spade - MidiRing H&M - Hand Chain DollyBowBow - Sneakers H&M

Hello everyone! I am so excited because this is my first post I have been able to make while being in NYC. If you follow me on Tumblr you will already know that I have just moved to NYC and started at a new school and I couldn't be in a better place. I can't wait to share more with you while I continue this new journey. 
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Today I got to meet my fashion idol (or yesterday while you read this), Perrie Edwards from Little Mix as well as all of Little Mix. She has been so inspiring to me in so many ways and she is definitely the top credit to where I am today. 
Soo obviously I had to have the perfect outfit. I went with my favorite pair of overalls because why not! I am absolutely obsessed with the look of a turtle neck underneath so I threw that on, and my favorite pair of sneakers to keep it casual. This year I am making it a point to accessorize more, because jewelry is the one thing I always forget before leaving in the morning. So today I chose a midi ring and my hand chain from DollyBowBow that as well as my other purchases from there I am absolutely in love with. 

Photographed by Jordyn Ferriss

As far as Little Mix goes, they were absolutely incredible. I can't believe how talented they are and they were dressed incredibly as always. Here is a clip from their performance:)


Little Mix and Big Changes

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