Pants - OAK + FORT
Jacket - TOPSHOP
Top - Adidas @ Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Calvin Klein 

I've had a crush on Adidas for a long time now. Adidas Originals have the perfect modern vintage feel that can be paired with any style. I have a few Adidas tops that I love to go old school and pair with mom jeans and overalls but they also give such a unique touch to more minimal modern outfits, tapered pants and leather, or sleek vests and blazers. 


Adidas Crush

Sneakers - TOPSHOP

I love simple outfits, something that you can just throw on and look like you planned it out. Sets are definitely the way to do that. A lot of sets come in fun patterns and are a great way to play with color in your wardrobe but this one is a super minimal and simple silhouette which I love. 



T-Shirt - Forever 21

Booties - TOPSHOP

This shoot was quite the adventure, 18 stories high on the best rooftop I've ever been on. This look includes one of my favorite pieces and newest trend; the jumpsuit and the cropped leg. I have to admit in the past month I've boughten more cropped pants than I need and its gonna be worth the cold ankles in the winter. 
This navy Cord jumpsuit by ASOS WHITE is absolutely amazing. First off, the ASOS WHITE collection carries a ton of jumpsuits which I'm in love with them all. If you know me you know I favor anything that is one piece and comfortable. I decided to pair this piece with a mustard yellow tee to play with the navy and the heeled booties show of the cropped leg perfectly. 



Jacket Pants Boots TOPSHOP  |  Shirt @Ltrainvintage

Since I worked at Topshop for just about a year I have realized how my wardrobe has been in Topshop overload ever since. Here is a quick look I would wear on a daily basis. Printed button ups have definitely been a key essential to my wardrobe no matter what season.


Leather and Prints


The weather is finally changing, I get tired of the hot summer weather really quick when school is starting and it is impossible to dress for the heat outside and the air conditioning levels of my school. Although it isn't completely cooled off yet outside, I can't wait to start wearing bulky sweaters and booties. I've been loving these wide leg baggy jeans I thrifted from @ltrainvintage.

Along with the weather my hair has changed too. I've been feeling bored and awkward with my look and myself lately, and sometimes a semi drastic change is needed. I've missed my purple hair since I decided to go back brunette, and I am so happy to have it back. Thank you to Tessa at Arrojo Studio for this amazing color 


Changing it up

Top TOPSHOP  |  Skirt TOPSHOP  |  Sneakers TOPSHOP  |  Jacket Levis Vintage

More photos taken by the lovely Kenny Chen. This outfit is almost solely from Topshop I'm now realizing as typing this and a bit out of my comfort zone, but I love it. The slightly longer Midi skirt is definitely trending and a must have for these end of Summer beginning of Autumn weeks. Keeping it comfortable with sneakers this is definitely something I would wear on the first day of classes coming up.

Good luck to anyone and everyone starting school or who have all ready started! 


Top to Bottom

Overalls Metropolis Vintage  |  Black Leather Converse  |  Calvin Klein Sports Bra

The Annual overalls post! This is a very simple classic outfit for me. Overalls and Converse. Overalls are my go to especially for running errands and lazy days sitting around and doing laundry. and it doesn't take much to style them. people are worried they will look like a farmer but honestly wear them with anything. Just a pair of sneaks and a tank top will do the trick!

Photos shot by Collins Nai



Top Forever 21  |  Trousers TOPSHOP  | Sandals ZARA  |  Sunnies Ray-Ban

Pretty basic outfit, but this my favorite go to outfit lately. Keeping it minimal with dark colors and a simple silhouette makes getting dressed easy but keeping you looking like you tried. In the fall I plan on similar outfits to this with maybe a duster and some white sneaks or black boots. I am obsessed with navy blue and deep violet burgundy colors for summer and for fall.

Had so much fun shoot these pics at Roosevelt Island with Kenny and my BFF Devi featured in the last pic <3

Photos By Kenny Chen


Navy Blue

Bodysuit H&M  |  Jeans Levi's Vintage  |  Shirt Vintage  |  

Most my posts include me wearing denim, its a staple for me wether it is pants or a jacket. Lately I have found the best denim pieces at my local thrift store, No Relation Vintage
Here I paired these wide leg Levi's that are very 90's girl band inspired with a plain ivory bodysuit and an oversized patterned button up. Keeping the vintage inspiration with the Reebok Freestyle Hi's.

All photos shot by Collins Nai


Simple Vintage

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