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There is 3 days until the end of February and it is still so cold outside to the point where I just want to crawl into bed and never get up. Acceptable for Buffalo weather but I thought New York City would start warming up a bit by now. Fun fact I just read that this is the coldest February since 1934 (go talk about that one at a party). 
Anywayysss here is an outfit that I can't wait to wear when the weather is above 40 degrees. This season I'm gonna be completely embracing the fact that flared and wide legged jeans are coming back in style as well as many 70's trends. So here I present to you a pretty simple outfit on how to style flared jeans. Leather jacket, converse, the usual. I included a cute patterned scarf to keep it interesting. :)


Why is it still cold out.


NYFW AW15 street style

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