Helloo everyone, its the middle of summer and I can't stand the heat. This being my first summer staying in New York City I am learning less is more with outfits. I don't have a car with air conditioning or a pool to lay by, I am grateful for the little air conditioner propped in the window of my living room.
Today I wore a little black playsuit that barely has any shape to it making it nice and loose, you dont need any clinging fabric in this heat. Sunnies are a must when walking through the city and the sun is reflecting off the sidewalk. With this outfit I paired Warby Parkers "Banks" Sunnies which are my absolute favorite. I have a hard time finding sunglasses in a shape that I feel fits my face, but now that I need to wear sunglasses, these ones definitely leave me feeling confident. You can shop all the styles on Warby Parkers website   #SEESUMMERBETTER

Being I'm in New York for the summer and not being in school at the moment gives me a lot more time to explore and hang out at my favorite spots here's a list of some for you-- 

Favorite Record Store

Academy Records

Favorite Thirft Shop

No Relation East Village

Favorite Coffee Shops

Ost Cafe
Two Hands NYC

Favorite Brunch Spots

Cafe Mogador Williamsburg

Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Davey's Ice Cream

Favorite Spot

East River State Park in Williamsburg 

Favorite Shopping Street

Broadway in SOHO

Favorite Summer Comfort Food



Favorite Summer Spots

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