Pants - OAK + FORT
Jacket - TOPSHOP
Top - Adidas @ Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Calvin Klein 

I've had a crush on Adidas for a long time now. Adidas Originals have the perfect modern vintage feel that can be paired with any style. I have a few Adidas tops that I love to go old school and pair with mom jeans and overalls but they also give such a unique touch to more minimal modern outfits, tapered pants and leather, or sleek vests and blazers. 


Adidas Crush

Sneakers - TOPSHOP

I love simple outfits, something that you can just throw on and look like you planned it out. Sets are definitely the way to do that. A lot of sets come in fun patterns and are a great way to play with color in your wardrobe but this one is a super minimal and simple silhouette which I love. 



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