This post is long overdue and about a little hidden gem that caught my heart in London. It's a cafe inside a hidden green house garden in Maida Vale called The Quince Tree. My friend and I met here for lunch early one morning before a meeting and had the most serene breakfast of my life. The rare sun of London was beautiful and I couldn't put my camera down. 
Although I've only been to London twice I like to call it my second home because it quickly became one of the most comforting cities for me. It's an escape without the palm trees and beaches. I can't wait to go back this summer and can't believe its already so close. Since I won't be interning while I am there this summer I look forward to spending time with friends and focusing on my drawing and photography during the day.


Maida Vale

Romper - Creatures of Comfort
Top - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Urban Outfitters 
Bag - Vintage

The semester is coming to an end and all I want to do is wander around the city with my friends. Graduating is becoming more real everyday and I can't wait. The weather is getting nicer and more people are out and about. After the amount of work I put myself through this semester I am feeling okay with my decision to take the summer off before starting to look for a job.
My friend and I took a stroll through her neighborhood on a warm evening the other week and had a nice dinner at my favorite taco spot Tacombi on Elizabeth st. where they had their big doors and windows open, which is one of my favorite things about the nice weather. If you ever get there TRY THE CRISPY FISH TACOS.


Top - Paloma Wool
Pants - Creatures of Comfort
Shoes - NaninVintage
Bag - Vintage

Black and white line drawings are my absolute favorite. Sketchy, unfinished contours and figure drawings. Paloma Wool a brand based in Spain has caught my heart. They collaborate with Tana Latorre to create the most beautiful hand painted shirts. On her Instagram @tanalatorre, you can see how she has large canvas's of fabric hanging on the walls and she paints these line compositions over and over. Then they use those fabrics to create the clothing. 
I purchased the Leandra shirt which is a classic button down top featuring simplified figure drawings of a woman all over the shirt. Classic and simple. 
I decided to pair the top with wide leg tan pants from a Creatures of Comfort sample sale and a pair of vintage mules I found on the @naninvintage Instagram.



Neutral and muted colors have been my favorite lately. I'm drawn to the colors around me in the city. The red and sand colored brick in New York are my favorite. When taking photos of the buildings in Nwe York I find that my old 35mm point and shoot saturates and blends the colors nicely.
Military-esque clothing and structured linen fabrics are great for this season and I find myself obsessing over vintage accounts that curate almost exactly that. Not pictured in this post but you can find a lot of these types of clothing on my favorites @naninvintage and @iamthat_shop.



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