Holiday Nights

Jacket Urban Outfitters - Sweater Topshop - Purse Forever 21 - Jeans American Apparel - 
Boots Topshop - Ring DJ by Dominic Jones

I'm in love with how todays pictures turned out, I lost my connector for my tripod so my cousin shot the pictures for me and I think they turned out incredibly (especially for being at night). 
Not too much behind this outift, it is rather simple. During this holiday season there are a lot of family dinners and little parties but you dont always want to dress up for all of them. I wore this outfit to a small dinner with my grandpa. A cozy sweater and some high waisted jeans are always the perfect match, and add a leatherjacket to give it some edge! (as I was going through the pieces I realized that every single item i got on sale *high fives myself*)

Photographed by Dana Ridge

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