Black is Your Best Friend - (and updates!!)

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Hey Everyone!! I have been MIA for a while now but I am back! I've needed some time off to figure out how to balance everything being back at school and adjusting to a new city, but I think I'm gettin the hang of this New York City life. And I really do love it.

As for outfits I've been keeping it really simple lately so here is just a casual outfit, one thing I have learned while being here is that when you are being lazy and have no idea what to wear anymore (you just don't feel like trying) then the color black is your best friend! You can really do no wrong with an all black outfit and then you can have some fun with shoes. Lately I've been enjoying my new Dr. Martens boots, they are of my favorite renaissance painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. (#artnerd)

As for updates I am going to start expanding what I post and post more frequently, more street style, more outfits, and more of what I have been loving. And hopefully I will have a new theme in the making soon.  
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